Testimonials for Ruggeri Construction:
Providing New St. Augustine Homes

Gillian L. Abramson

"Mark and I were absolutely thrilled with the house you built for us. We were so nervous about the construction, as we were fifteen hundred miles away, and could not monitor daily progress from New Hampshire. Not only did you keep in constant touch with us by always responding to our inquiries, but you kept every promise you made along the way. This was the fourth house Mark and I have built, and the only one with no ‘punch list’ to speak of! Imagine our delight to see the house of our dreams, just as we had imagined it.

"I also appreciate the calm and professional way you handled the problems that arose as a result of the flawed design by our architect. Some were daunting, I know, but you dealt with it without heavy cost to us, financially or emotionally. Finally, we are so grateful for your help when the hurricane caused minor cosmetic damage. How amazing that you built a house that withstood natural disaster so well, but also that you treated us as if we were still your responsibility, even though the house was long built.

"Several people have told me that they hired you after seeing the beautiful work you did on our house, and the Dugan’s house, and they are extremely happy with you. One neighbor told me she really regrets not hiring you! Please feel free to share this letter with any prospective client. I hope they understand that a Ruggeri home is something special."

Kevin F. Dugan

"My experience with John throughout the construction process, and since completion almost two years ago, has been unparalleled. Despite exceedingly restrictive and exacting requirements, sometimes arbitrary, set out by the developer, the project went as smoothly as could be hoped for. John was especially helpful in navigating the many approval processes with the Architectural Review Committee.

"More importantly to me, John has been of great assistance after the home was completed, whenever building related issues arose. I especially recall the hurricane season of 2005, and John volunteering to look after the house and make repairs in my absence. In short, I cannot say enough good things about John Ruggeri. He is a wonderful person and a fantastic builder."

Mark A. Abramson

"John built a home for us in St. Augustine, Florida. The process could have been a nightmare given the fact that we are in New Hampshire and only made a couple visits during the process. Nonetheless, the entire process went remarkably smoothly. John was especially helpful in the approval process with the Architectural Review Committee (which was no simple feat). We hired John because of his reputation as the premier custom home builder in the St. Augustine area and our experience was certainly consistent with that reputation."

Steve and Shelley Dunn

"We have enjoyed our association with John Ruggeri from receiving the initial bid from him to the finished product, our lovely home. He and his foreman, Phillip Gandy, responded quickly and professionally throughout the entire building process to address any concerns we had. We have a beautiful home that we feel is built very sound. It weathered the two worst hurricanes just after being ‘dried-in’ and took no damage. And it is a beautiful house. The trim work and detail are all done so well. We only wish we were in St. Augustine more often to enjoy it every day.

"You will benefit from any association you have with John Ruggeri. He enjoys his work and takes pride in the homes he builds."

William E. Snyder

"I want to give my highest recommendation regarding John Ruggeri. My wife, Cathy, and I first met John in 1999 as part of an interview process to select a builder for our home in St. Augustine. John was selected because of his straight forward communication style and thoughtful ideas about construction alternatives.

"In any building project issues arise requiring solutions-both technical and financial. John was always helpful and forthright in solving problems quickly and fairly. John is a person who deals with both customers and subcontractors in a way that instills respect based on integrity and fair-play. If we build again John will be our contractor.

"In addition to our building experience with John, I’ve kept in touch with John in the subsequent years. John has an unblemished reputation in the community and is a solid person. I could not give a higher recommendation and wish John the best."

Lee and Shaaron Lurton

"John Ruggeri and his crew have almost completed building our new home in St. Augustine Beach and we are very pleased with their work. Both his office staff and his two superintendents have exceeded our expectations in every way.

John has been excellent at communicating the building process, and his subs have been courteous, timely in our meetings, and have met or exceeded our expectations. He has also proven to be an excellent businessman in handling the many financial records, which occur in the construction process. If we had to start all over again we would still choose Ruggeri Construction to build our home."

David Kazmierski

"Last year, my family and I employed John Ruggeri and Ruggeri Construction to build our new home in St. Augustine Beach. Our home-building experience was smooth from concept to completion. John executed every aspect of our plans with exquisite attention to detail and a demeanor that was never anything less than professional and courteous. Any issues we had during the process were resolved quickly- usually by John himself.

"Now, several months after moving in, we’re still just as pleased with our home as the day it was finished. I believe John’s attention to finishing touches and our personal preferences really helped to make this home our own. People still comment on the beauty of our home, inside and out, and I believe we owe those compliments to John."

Ashley Berg

"We have had a nightmare of a situation dealing with architects, other builders, interior designers, and various trades, until the point that we dropped most of the original relationships and entered into contract with Ruggeri Construction. To sum up our situation, John Ruggeri has ‘taken the nightmare out of building’ for us.

"John is the epitome of a trustworthy builder. Not everything is always perfect, to be expected in the building industry, but no matter what, John seems to make it right. He is extremely fair, accessible, and protects the quality of our investment in every way. His way of dealing with us has been great, and he has great staff as well. Martha is a true professional, Phillip is very laid back and comforting, never seeming to get rattled, but always still effective. John seems to run a tight ship, minimizing expenses, shoring up contractual arrangements, giving latitude to the owners, just doing things right. I’m certain his subs are very happy with him, as well, as his strategic focus seems to be where it should be. He seems to have defined his niche, markets himself via community involvement and word-of-mouth, and seems to be smart in the areas in which he chooses to do business.

"I hope John gets your business, but then again, if he doesn’t, maybe he’ll be freed up to do our next house!!! I don’t think the quality of his organization can be matched anywhere in St. Johns or Flagler County. He’s got that special knack."