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Ruggeri Construction can offer a fully-finished, move-in ready project, offering the functionality and precise environment your business needs to flourish.

Park Avenue Paws

park avenue paws commerical construction

A luxury pet spa offering full grooming services, massages, gourmet doggy dining and more. Ruggeri Construction elegantly and spaciously accommodated the many functions of this pet day spa including deluxe bathing stations and grooming areas.

South Shore Plaza

For Sale: Starting at $116,500 : Finished office space!

south shore plaza by ruggeri construction

Floor Plan

Site Plan
South Shore Plaza, to be located at 815 SR 16 East in St. Augustine Florida, is custom built by Ruggeri Construction, Inc. These beautifully designed professional business offices will meet any of your spatial requirements as well as your aesthetic preferences. These will be move-in ready, fully finished offices, not vanilla shell commercial spaces (which simply offer white walls and concrete floors).